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Welcome into the heart of the scientific approach of Homeopathy!

MonHoméoMonChoix invites you to a unique dive into the heart of science! Welcome to an exciting series of research, twists, experiments and even frogs… Discover our new section “PROOF BY FACTS” in which you will discover and understand the rigorous scientific approach on which homeopathy is based.


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Do you wonder about the action of homeopathy? Our new internet platform HOMEOPATHY PROVIDES THE FACTS gives you all the answers!


You are going to discover studies* conducted by world-renowned researchers, to understand how they put forward hypotheses and verify them through experimentation, always keeping a critical mind, far from stereotypes and passions. It is this rigorous scientific approach that makes it possible to establish solid proof of the effects of homeopathy. And it is with this precision that we offer you the opportunity to discover the scientific foundations of homeopathy.


Through “pages of evidence”, videos and pedagogical infographics, you may be surprised to learn that homeopathy has an action demonstrated in the laboratory on plants, animals and cells. Serious and published studies attest to this. You will discover, for example, that homeopathy has a proven effect on the growth of duckweed, the development time of frogs or the production of hormones in neuronal cells.


Your visit will be guided at every step, the scientific evidence is clearly and objectively presented, throughout studies conducted by nationally and internationally known and recognized researchers. This is those scientific data that will show you the effects of homeopathy!


MonHomeoMonChoix is proud and thrilled to welcome you on this journey into the heart of the rigorous scientific approach on which homeopathy is based.


* The data presented in fundamental research can in no way be extrapolated to any property or clinical use in humans.