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“It is very much an integrative approach that will advance medicine” Dr Jean-Lionel Bagot

Jean-Lionel Bagot is a general practitioner and homeopath in Strasbourg. In these books, Jean-Lionel Bagot shares his conviction: “only an integrative approach will advance medicine”.


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Jean-Lionel Bagot is a general practitioner and homeopath in Strasbourg. After obtaining his doctorate in medicine, he specialised in oncology. Early on, he showed an interest in complementary medicines like homeopathy and acupuncture for which he also obtained several inter-university diplomas.

After opening his clinic, he became the first doctor associated with the University Hospitals of Strasbourg to create the first French homeopathic care consultancy in a hospital setting in a senology department.

Drawing on his solid medical experience, he has demonstrated the benefits of homeopathy in the management of cancer patients in several publications on cancer and homeopathy, and different ways of better tolerating treatments.

In these books, Jean-Lionel Bagot shares his conviction: “only an integrative approach will advance medicine”. To this end, he was appointed coordinating physician of the Department of Integrative Medicine at the Saint Vincent Hospital Group, before creating the first French integrative care day hospital in December 2019. He is also the founder and supervisor of the Strasbourg University Degree in Homeopathy.

Recognised as one of the leading experts in homeopathic supportive care in oncology, it was only natural for him to join the teams of the Institut Rafaël in Paris in August 2019, at the request of its President Dr Alain Toledano, Oncologist and Radiotherapist (you can find the interview here).


The Institut Rafaël is an integrative medicine centre that offers a new way of understanding the support required by cancer patients. It is situated within the multidisciplinary care centre, which combines conventional medicine with complementary medicines, including homeopathy.

Jean-Lionel Bagot works alongside the institute’s teams to promote this holistic approach that is entirely focused on the future of patient care.


To learn more about the Institut Rafaël, click on the following link.

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