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Institut Rafaël: “moving towards medicine focused on the individual and their life plan”

The Institut Rafaël is an integrative medicine establishment that is unique in France which works for the comprehensive treatment of people with cancer. It was co-founded in 2018 by radiotherapist and oncologist Alain Toledano.


Dr Alain Toledano boasts a very broad professional career: he became a senior oncology doctor at the American Hospital of Paris in 2008, he is also an expert who is recognised in his discipline by the French National Authority for Health and the French National Cancer Institute. Since 2012, he has chaired the Medical Council of the Institut d’Oncologie des Hauts de Seine Nord (Hautes de Seine Nord Oncology Institute). In 2013, by presidential decree he was honoured with the rank of Knight of the National Order of Merit.

With 20 years of experience with patients and colleagues, he observes that while modern oncology has become increasingly effective, patient diagnosis and management have not altered the belief that “patients are living on borrowed time”. However, it is from the disease’s diagnosis that patients most need support in order to heal and restore their health.

The Institut Rafaël therefore works to reconsider the patient within a healthcare system that takes a more holistic approach to humans, including their emotions, nutrition, and their return to their social and professional life. With this approach, the institute aims to evaluate the benefits of each action, and devise personalised care pathways adapted to each patient and their lives, to achieve complete healing.

To achieve this goal, the institute combines conventional medicine, which has made remarkable progress, particularly in oncology, with complementary medicine, to ensure complete and personalised patient follow-up during this difficult time.

A caring approach that does not deny the patient’s identity and makes cancer a stage of life!

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