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In maternity wards, homeopathy eases the aches and pains of pregnant women

Throughout their pregnancy, future mothers are subject to a number of discomforts, including back pain, nausea, difficulty sleeping or the feeling of heavy legs. The Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Thiers Hospital Centre, like many others in France, offers relief from pregnancy-related pain and discomfort through homeopathy consultations. This customised service is covered by the social security scheme.

Photo credit : Kamille Sampaio


A maternity ward centred on the well-being of the future mother

The Thiers maternity ward wants the women giving birth there to listen to their bodies and their desires. To this end, three years ago, an acupuncture service was set up to allow future mothers to relax and prepare for a serene birth.

Since January, the maternity ward has also offered homeopathy consultations to alleviate pregnancy-related pain. It is Marie Lheritier, a midwife for 31 years specialising in perinatal homeopathy, who sees the future mothers on Tuesday afternoons.

These consultations offer an alternative to conventional treatments as well as tailored follow-up focused on the feelings and needs of the future mother.


Homeopathy in maternity wards, easier childbirth!

Today, some women bemoan the use of purely conventional medicine during childbirth. They want to return to more natural solutions so they can get to know their baby in the best possible conditions and build the precious bond that unites them.

For Marie Lheritier, homeopathy is the ideal solution: “We can limit stress and promote the opening of the cervix. And after birth, for mothers who choose not to breastfeed, it can limit the symptoms associated with their milk coming in”.

According to Marianne Littlejohn, another midwife, “for women who are well-prepared in their bodies and minds, childbirth can be a deeply moving and stimulating event”.


Homeopathy: added value for maternity wards

Homeopathy consultations and acupuncture should be considered complementary approaches to conventional medicine.

Healthcare professionals should be aware that these new practices are a real added value for patients and their babies.