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Homeopathy, the athlete’s ally

Prepare. Support. Recover. Since sports health begins well before exercise, homeopathy helps at each stage of your activity, with the exceptional benefits of being non-doping, having no known side effects and being suitable for the whole family!


For comprehensive and preventive care for athletes

Stress, cramps, tendinitis, but also enjoyment, involvement and surpassing yourself. Sport, whether practised at amateur or high level, never leaves our body and mind indifferent.

To optimise physical exertion and recovery, homeopathy proves to be a safe and effective partner, present at every stage of exercise.

With no known side effects, homeopathy provides a comprehensive treatment for and a preventive approach to athlete’s conditions:

• In advance, to prepare the body before physical exertion and help prevent cramps or aches.
• To provide support during exercise, to relieve the effects of dehydration and muscle fatigue.
• After the activity, to recover, regenerate and, if necessary, treat.

Homeopathy also fits perfectly into a sporting life.

Respectful of the body, homeopathy also fits in perfectly with a sporting life since it is complementary with other treatments, such as physical therapy and cryotherapy.


Homeopathy as an alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs

Homeopathy also has a significant advantage for high-level athletes, whose bodies are over-stressed and for whom therapeutic solutions are limited by anti-doping legislation. Indeed, this legislation drastically limits the use of anti-inflammatory drugs that can also slow down healing in the first few days following muscle trauma.

Non-doping, homeopathy is therefore authorised for those practising sports: homeopathic medicines are not included in the list of doping drugs.

Dr Gérard Murgues, sports doctor in Villeurbanne and former doctor for France’s women’s basketball team, believes “we use too many non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs at any time and for the slightest trauma. However, this is not always necessary, and can have harmful effects on the digestive system or kidneys“.

Combined with conventional medicine, homeopathy offers athletes several advantages for the management of trauma.

For ankle sprains, a common trauma, homeopathy can relieve the pain during the inflammatory phase. It also helps relieve cramps and contractures and therefore facilitates muscle recovery.

For children who practise sports, they may experience weaknesses and pain mainly related to the extent of their physical activity. It is then that homeopathy proves really useful because with no known side effects it is suitable for young people. It is not contraindicated for children, unlike non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).


Combined with the rice protocol, homeopathy has its own role to play

Homeopathy is also often associated with the “RICE” – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation protocol, which consists of implementing a sequence of simple measures to reduce pain and help tissues heal.

This protocol is essential first aid after an injury like a sprain or muscle contusion, or for better recovery from training or a competition.




These measures combined with homeopathy ensure athletes make an optimal recovery. Homeopathy has proven its effectiveness in this area and does not impair any subsequent diagnosis by a doctor.

Placed under great stress and pressure, the athlete’s body is fragile. Being a suitable partner treatment, homeopathy respects its integrity without attacking it and makes it possible to consider athletes as a whole.