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Homeopathy and diet: what is the principle?

Combined with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, homeopathic medicines can help us lose our excess weight. Explanations.


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Homeopathy and diet: what is the principle?

Homeopathy gives the patient a leading role in their health by offering a tailor-made care protocol. In fact, a homeopathic doctor is interested in the physical and mental state, lifestyle and personality of their patient, so they can prescribe the treatment that best meets their individuality and needs.

Used in conjunction with a standard diet, homeopathy can act on diseases that can cause weight gain. For example, stress can cause cravings in some people. Homeopathy may be useful in managing this stress.


What different actions does homeopathy have on the body?

Homeopathy can help conditions related to regulating the appetite and intestinal transit, as well as conditions leading to the retention of fats or water stored in your body. Depending on your chosen diet (muscle strengthening or fat loss) homeopathy may be used to treat conditions that can lead to weight gain, such as:

• water retention
• stress and irritability
• bloating
• etc.

It is strongly recommended that the dosage and duration of treatment prescribed by a homeopath be strictly adhered to.


What are the effects of homeopathy on weight loss?

A homeopathic treatment should be part of a complete dieting process including regular exercise and a healthy and balanced diet.