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Homeopathy: a treatment particularly suited to athletes

With the end of lockdown and the enjoyable social meals of this summer, what happened when we took up sport again after the summer break? Since the body has sometimes seen weeks of inactivity, this return to the healthy habits promises to be particularly difficult for some, yet it is essential for us all. Treatments like homeopathy can therefore be particularly useful in helping us better prepare for, manage and recover from physical exertion.


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Lockdown turned our habits upside down, starting with sports. For several weeks, many of us did not have the opportunity to exercise as normal. Resuming these activities is not always easy and nobody will be completely pain-free, but this is normal as our body always takes a little time to readjust.

First, homeopathy has a preventive benefit, prior to physical exertion, in preparing the body. Then, once the activity has been started, we can expect various discomforts during or after the sport. These include sprains, cramps, aches or fatigue, usually due to poor muscle recovery. Depending on the person, physical exertion and sport can also cause agitation, anxiety and insomnia, especially among high-level athletes. Dehydration is also a risk among those doing significant physical exercise.

To avoid these discomforts, adopting the right behaviours (staying regularly hydrated before, during and after sport and exercise) is essential. And if this was not enough, homeopathy can be an ally to weight. These homeopathic medicines have no known contraindications, dependency or major side effects. Therefore, a homeopathic medicine or product poses no danger to your health and, importantly, has no impact on sports performance, unlike potentially doping products. In fact, homeopathy is used by many athletes like two-time world archery champion Sébastien Peineau, and 2019 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu European champion Daniel Guillen.


Homeopathic treatment specific to each physical problem

Each problem that occurs before, during or after physical activity has its own homeopathic treatment.

Some treatments can prevent dehydration during a longer event such as a marathon or trekking. They also help reduce the risk of muscle cramps and spasms or digestive problems like nausea, bloating and diarrhoea. Others can ensure better muscle recovery and psychological support by reducing anxiety and stress before a competition.

Do not hesitate to contact a healthcare professional to find out more!


Homeopathy, compatible with high-level sport

Homeopathy has also proven to be a faithful ally of high-level sport, since it does not interact with other medicines, has no known contraindications and no doping effects.

Therefore, in sports medicine, it can be used in combination with other therapeutic practices for comprehensive monitoring of athletes at any level. Homeopathy may, for example, act on the potential side effects caused by other allopathic medicines, and has no drug interaction with any current treatment. Lastly, homeopathy is never doping. Athletes can use it in a combined treatment incorporating homeopathy for contusions, sprains, fractures, black eyes or nose bleeds caused by trauma.

Recently in an interview with French football player Wendie Renard, she explained how she used homeopathy “daily like many high-level athletes…because it is very useful and very effective” at optimising her physical condition, particularly in terms of recovery.

Long live sport!