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Health : reinstating humans at the centre of tomorrow’s world

The Covid-19 pandemic reminded us forcibly of three major things that we had forgotten: collectively we are vulnerable to disease; human health and what it implies are extraordinarily complex; and we need again to make the human being central to our lives. The earthquake of this epidemic weakens us in the short term, but could allow us to build a more human and more ecological world tomorrow. Health and well-being will be designed into a global plan and will be able more than ever to draw on the strengths of homeopathy.


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While no effective treatments are available, we all feel unarmed against this invisible disease and its unpredictable twists. For both the general population and the medical profession, this pandemic is a lesson in humility. Humans don’t know everything, and can’t do everything! Science is still full of grey areas that require us to take a pragmatic approach and reprogram the way we think.

For all these reasons – and many more – the new world that is opening up must make more space for homeopathy and complementary medicine. The scientistic excesses of recent months are no longer legitimate in dealing with our current crisis.

It is time for France to take a strongly holistic approach to healthcare pathways.

It is no longer the moment for posturing and stigmatization. It is our duty to remove the restrictions of conventional medicine and its diktat that what it does not understand, does not exist. It is time for France to take a strongly holistic approach to healthcare pathways.

The gravity of our situation requires us to be ambitious. We cannot reproduce the world as it was yesterday. Our responsibility, individually and collectively, is to build a new society that is stronger, fairer and more environmentally-friendly: and one in which our health is central. Every generation has had to learn from the monumental crises it has faced. Today, it is our turn to rise to the challenges. The French are ready and are demanding it, as demonstrated by a recent Ipsos survey for the Covid Data association.

For our citizens, health is now clearly one of the major priorities, based on which everything until now has been decided. This has been so for over half a century. Public opinion has shifted irreversibly. The French are now more interested in environmental and climate issues. It is clear that focusing solely on economics and finance has led us to disaster. Approaches to health and medicine, which have become too bureaucratic, must be recentred on human beings and re-connect to the environment. The French are saying emphatically that after the coronavirus trauma, they want another future for themselves and their children!

A future in which homeopathy has its full place.


A future in which homeopathy has its full place. Allopathic medicine takes an impersonal approach to reviewing symptoms and treats them with molecular drugs, and these often suppress the symptoms without treating the underlying problems causing the illness. Homeopathy, on the other hand, cares for the patient as a whole by analysing his/her deficiencies and imbalances.

The worrying increase in antibiotic resistance, observed by all doctors for decades, should have warned us: we are approaching health in the wrong way! We are not all equal in the face of disease, as this virus has cruelly demonstrated. And it is not by stuffing ourselves with medicines that we will remain healthy. On the contrary! There are other approaches, including homeopathy, that focus more on prevention and on keeping the human body fundamentally balanced, rather than on the systematic use of medicines. This matters, given the damage overmedication does to humans, animals and the planet. Homeopathy is essentially modern in its aim of thinking about the overall individual and integrating him/her into his/her environment.

The world of tomorrow will be built only if we accept our vulnerability and adopt a positive and proactive attitude towards our health, our body and our mind. Our health remains our most valuable asset. This is a crucial lesson telling us to rethink our health system and stop approaching it just from a simple economic angle. Is it logical or ethical that our leaders have for so long discredited the health professions that are the most essential for the nation?

We must review together the approach to managing our health.

We must review together the approach to managing our health. It is essential it includes strengthening the prevention component, which is too often neglected, and we must also give serious thought to the role of medicines in our daily lives.

The negative effects of unnecessary medication and over-prescription must be openly acknowledged in order to design a renovated and strengthened healthcare system, where patients are listened to, supported and treated as individuals, rather than as mere statistics.

Cooperation between the different therapeutic approaches will be key to the success of such a healthcare system. This is obvious: how can we conceive of doing without complete branches of medicine? More than ever we will need discussion and debate so that the patient is respected in every way as a real human being.

The MonHoméoMonChoix Team