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3 years ago

Homeopathy: a treatment particularly suited to athletes

With the end of lockdown and the enjoyable social meals of this summer, what happened when we took up sport again after the summer break? Since the body has sometimes seen weeks of inactivity, this return to the healthy habits promises to be particularly difficult for some, yet it is essential for us all. Treatments like homeopathy can therefore be particularly useful in helping us better prepare for, manage and recover from physical exertion.


4 years ago

Health : reinstating humans at the centre of tomorrow’s world

The Covid-19 pandemic reminded us forcibly of three major things that we had forgotten: collectively we are vulnerable to disease; human health and what it implies are extraordinarily complex; and we need again to make the human being central to our lives. The earthquake of this epidemic weakens us in the short term, but could allow us to build a more human and more ecological world tomorrow. Health and well-being will be designed into a global plan and will be able more than ever to draw on the strengths of homeopathy.