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The importance of succussion

This proves that homeopathy is not just about dilution

What is succussion ?

Homeopathic medicines are made from plant, mineral or animal sources called “strains”, or “starting materials”.

This starting material is diluted and then undergoes intense shaking: succussion.1

This [dilution + succussion] step is then repeated until the desired level of dilution for the medicine is obtained (5 CH, 9 CH, 15 CH…).


A step that is vital for the unique nature of homeopathy

Researchers have shown by physical analyses (for example, by using nuclear magnetic resonance)2 that succussion makes it possible to differentiate between homeopathic solutions and simply diluted solutions.

A step that is vital for the biological activity of homeopathy

Researchers have compared the biological activity of homeopathic solutions to that of simply diluted solutions. These fundamental studies, carried out mainly on plants, show that succussion plays a key role: a diluted and succussed homeopathic solution has biological effects that would not have been seen if it was simply diluted3.



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The presented data can, under no circumstances, be extrapolated to any property or clinical use in humans that would require additional studies.

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