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hard facts
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The biological action of homeopathy
in immune cells

This proves that homeopathy acts on cells in the laboratory

Experiment :

During an allergic reaction, the immune cells of the human body called basophils, are activated and release histamine. Histamine is a molecule responsible for allergic clinical manifestations.

Step 1

Researchers isolated basophils taken from patients. These isolated cells were then placed in contact with the allergen in order to be activated.


Step 2

The basophils are separated into two separate groups: 

  • the first group is treated with water (control group)
  • the second group is treated with a homeopathic solution, namely a diluted and succussed solution that is prepared using histamine


Result :

The activation of basophils is inhibited in the group that is treated with the homeopathic solution as compared to the group that is treated with water. This inhibition leads to a reduction in the release of histamine, and therefore a decrease in the allergic reaction.


Belon P, Cumps J, Ennis M, et al. Histamine dilutions modulate basophil activation. Inflamm Res. 2004;53(5):181‐188. 

The presented data can, under no circumstances, be extrapolated to any property or clinical use in humans that would require additional studies.

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