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Video “The scientific realities of homeopathy”

From fundamental research to evidence of its effectiveness in real life: yes, homeopathy is based on “solid scientific foundations,” explains Alexander Tournier.


Homeopathy is rooted in medicine and is based on solid scientific foundations, as is explained in this short video by researcher Alexander Tournier, physicist and Founder of the Homeopathy Research Institute. This independent international institute collects and analyses the work of homeopathy researchers from all over the world. From Paris, he gives us these key messages:


Fundamental research into homeopathy is very active, and continues to advance thanks to state-of-the-art technologies.

○ It is used to observe the unique properties of homeopathic solutions and try to understand how homeopathy works.

In-vitro laboratory studies show that homeopathy has a significant biological action on plant and cell models, for example.

• There is quality clinical research in homeopathy that meets the highest drug evaluation standards.

• The value of homeopathy is also proven in real life, by the many benefits it brings to patients on a daily basis.


Find out more about the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI):  here


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