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Succussion : an essential step in the action of homeopathic medicinal products

Continuing our journey into scientific research in homeopathy. Today, we are lifting the veil on the basic principles of homeopathic therapy, in order to better understand how homeopathic medicines are made. The team at Mon Homéo Mon Choix details the process of succussion, a key stage in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines, and which gives them their unique character.



Homeopathic medicines[1] are made from substances of plant, animal, mineral or chemical origin, known as “stocks.” These stocks, transformed into mother tinctures, then undergo several stages of dilution and succussion to obtain the desired homeopathic solution. This solution can then be impregnated on a neutral support (granules, for example) to become the homeopathic medicine.



Succussion, an essential step revealing the unique nature of homeopathy

What is succussion? Succussion is a powerful, standardized mechanical agitation process (150 shakes in seven seconds), always reproduced in an identical manner between each dilution, using a machine called a dynamizer*. The protocol obeys the rules defined in the European Pharmacopoeia.

This succussion process is a crucial step in revealing the unique nature and biological activity of homeopathy.



Solid scientific evidence

Succussion is essential to the unique nature of homeopathy and its biological action. A diluted and succussed homeopathic solution exhibits properties and biological activity that a simply diluted solution does not have. Numerous fundamental studies in chemistry, physics and biology published in recent years demonstrate this.


1. Succussion makes it possible to differentiate a homeopathic solution from a simply diluted solution or from a neutral solution

Much work has been done on the subject of succussion since 2015. In the laboratory, researchers such as Dr Jean-Louis Demangeat, former head of nuclear medicine at the Haguenau hospital, have been able to show the unique physical properties of succussed solutions.

In the most recent study, dated 2020, researchers from the team of Stephan Baumgartner, Doctor of Physics practicing at the University of Bern in Switzerland, showed that homeopathic solutions presented differences depending on the intensity of the succussions carried out.


2. Succussion is essential for the biological activity of homeopathic solutions

The effects of succussion have also been demonstrated in the germination of wheat seeds! In 2017, using the DEM (Droplet Evaporation Method) technique, Lucietta Betti’s team observed that diluted and succussed homeopathic solutions had a stronger impact on the germination of wheat seeds than non-succussed solutions.



Homeopathy is not just a story of dilutions: succussion, the lesser-known step, is an essential step in the action of homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathy works, science says so!



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Droplet Evaporation Method: A scientific method based on the phenomenon whereby particles in suspension in a fluid self-organize to form nanostructures and microstructures.

Dynamizer: a dedicated device that guarantees the reproducibility of the frequency, duration and amplitude of agitations.

Mother tincture: A mother tincture is derived from a stock (a plant, animal, mineral or chemical source). This is, in a way, the raw material of homeopathic medicines. As an example, certain plant stocks are a hydro-alcoholic solution made from fresh plants.


[1] European Pharmacopoeia, 10th edition, Homoeopathic preparations, 04/2017:1038