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How does homeopathy improve our immunity?

Boosting your immune system to stay healthy is essential at this time of stress and pandemic. And with the arrival of autumn, when the body is weaker, we need to adopt certain preventive approaches, such as a good diet or homeopathy, which can help strengthen our immunity.

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Homeopathy strengthens our natural defences

Immunity [1] refers to the body’s ability to defend itself against foreign agents like viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. It can be natural, that is, active since birth, or acquired through our immune memory.

Acquired immunity refers to the body’s ability to learn, adapt and remember a threat. Therefore, if we contract certain diseases again, our body can release the appropriate antibodies and immune defences to fight it.

However, if the body has never been faced with a disease before, this immune memory is not present and the body has more difficulty organising itself to react quickly and effectively. Which is why it is important to strengthen its natural immunity.

This natural immunity, also known as innate immunity, can neutralise most infectious agents. It consists mainly of the natural barriers of the skin, tears and mucous membranes. This natural immunity can be weakened or strengthened depending on each individual’s habits and practices.

A number of factors and good practices can boost the immune system, including a good lifestyle, healthy eating and regular exercise. Food supplements and essential oils can also be used to strengthen the body’s natural defences. But if we want to act over the long term and without side effects, homeopathy remains a safe treatment recommended by many homeopathic general practitioners and pharmacists to support the immune system.

Typically, therefore, homeopathic doctors prescribe homeopathic medicines to improve immunity during viral epidemics, for example, or for intestinal problems such as gastroenteritis or winter infections.


Supportive homeopathy in the run up to winter

Homeopathy is therefore an ideal treatment to boost the body’s natural immunity in the run up to winter, to avoid the onset of diseases or at least minimise their effects. During the coldest months of the year, the body faces a double threat.

First, viruses circulate more easily when we are inside. Second, the body slows down a little due to stress, fatigue and vitamin deficiencies, caused largely by the decrease in daylight hours. A multitude of factors that explain why the body’s ability to fight external aggressions is impaired.

This is where homeopathy can come into play. Healthcare professionals regularly advise it to improve immunity, reduce the virulence of symptoms, or promote faster recovery.


With homeopathy, the individual is considered as a whole

Because it treats the individual as a whole while providing individualised treatment, homeopathy is particularly effective at helping patients strengthen their natural immunity. Everyone, in their body and with their life history, has specific needs and possible deficiencies.

Homeopathy’s holistic approach contributes to the general strengthening of the patient’s state of health, in particular by taking into account the need to strengthen their natural defences from the outset.

This approach is only possible because homeopathy includes an examination of the psychological context, the living environment, etc. in its treatment. All of these factors help prescribe appropriate and personalised medicines. Therefore, identical symptoms in two individuals can be treated differently depending on each individual’s personal data.

It is this consideration of individual realities that explains why more and more oncologists are using homeopathy to help their cancer patients improve their quality of life in parallel with more aggressive treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy which harm their immune systems.


[1] According to the definition from the Larousse dictionary: