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Homeopathy Research Institute, the reference association on scientific research in homeopathy around the world

Established in 2007 in the United Kingdom, the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) is an independent international association that promotes high quality scientific research in homeopathy. A truly authoritative body in the sector, it brings together thousands of experts from all over the world who work on a daily basis to advance research and provide new knowledge about this therapy.

Advancing science and research on homeopathy around the world

In 2007, HRI was created by Dr Alexander Tournier, a physicist by training who formerly worked at at the Cancer Research UK center.


“HRI is a well-established institute recognised as a centre of excellence in homeopathy research worldwide.” Alexander Tournier, Physicist and Founder of HRI.


Promoting the highest level of scientific rigour in homeopathy research and communicating scientifically proven, conclusive evidence on homeopathy to mitigate misinformation; these are the main objectives of HRI.

To achieve these objectives, the institute relies on two complementary levers.

The first is funding and implementing basic or clinical research projects to meet the most significant health needs.


“We select projects that are in line with HRI’s research strategy and priorities, to focus our efforts on areas in which clinical needs are most significant and where homeopathy is likely to offer the greatest benefit.” Rachel Robert, Chief Executive of HRI [1].


The second is the active presence of a community of international experts who work together to advance scientific research. This community meets regularly to present and discuss the latest discoveries in homeopathy, either in focus groups or at international homeopathy research conferences, which take place every two years.


To find out more

Take a look at the video feedback from these conferences:

Explore the directory of researchers to find out which homeopathy research projects are currently under way:


An association based on the cooperation of international experts

HRI consists of a scientific advisory committee comprising ten independent international experts in homeopathy and complementary and alternative medicine research.

In order to meet the desired quality requirement associated with the conduct of research, this research committee identifies projects that meet several criteria. One of the main criteria highlighted is the importance, for the study or research project, of meeting a significant existing clinical need, that is, current health problems faced by a large number of citizens and for whom homeopathy can provide a positive response.


These studies and projects are then presented at international homeopathy research conferences:

These rigorous shared projects expand research and promote transparent communication of the latest scientific findings on homeopathy to researchers, doctoral students and healthcare professionals from around the world.


HRI, a major resource platform now available in French

Homeopathy is a constantly evolving field. This unique platform makes high-level scientific content and information, as well as the latest news on homeopathy research around the world, available to anyone who is interested, regardless of whether they are novices or experts.

As such, the HRI website is a major resource for scientific data on homeopathy.

The platform gathers evidence of the effectiveness of homeopathy in basic research, clinical research and veterinary research, through popular articles, publications, summaries of studies and interviews with researchers.

Here you will find concrete and objective information to respond to the main “received ideas” on homeopathy in the “FAQ” section (Frequently Asked Questions):


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